Aragon Black was the third full-team of the Aragon project taking part in its fight for freedom and full decentralization.

Aragon Black was the banner below which the Pando team had gathered to continue developing a decentralized VCS and a continuous fundraising scheme, to carry the Aragon manifesto’s values and finally to help in creating Aragon applications allowing human autonomy.






Olivier Sarrouy

Tech Lead

Olivier has a Master degree in Computer Sciences from Centrale/Supélec. After graduatıng he worked on various open source projects before begınnıng a Ph.D ın philosophy. In 2015, he defended hıs Ph.D thesis in Communication Sciences on web-based decentralized organizations. He then worked as a Professor at University of Rennes 2 for three years discussing the economical, sociological and philosophical implications of distributed organizations and blockchain technologies. He has now resigned from academıa to work full time on the blockchain projects he leads.


Cem Dagdelen

Strategy Lead

With a background in institutional Investment Banking, Cem has worked on establishing and raising for EM ETFs. He won a Financial Innovation award in 2013 for designing a borderless credit system. After working on startup financing advisory, Cem co-founded Horatii Partners, a research/advisory agency focused on distributed governance. Horatii Partners is currently focused on synthesizing and promoting use cases for DAOs and crypto economic primitives through mechanism design, business development and partnerships. Cem is also building “DAOincubator”, an ecosystem catalyst which aims to aggregate research, funding, and consulting which targets the betterment and implementation of DAO based initiatives. Cem is a competitive sailor since age 9 and writes about art philosophy and critique for a Turkish lifestyle magazine.


Alexandre Rouxel

Research Lead

Co-founder of Pando, Alexandre was a research engineer and Ph.d student at university Rennes 2 where he studied the contemporary forms of our digital co-presences. Alexandre was a professor of communication sciences between Rennes and Paris for 4 years before leaving its teaching and research activities to fully devote itself to the possibilities opened up by blockchain technologies. Beside his work on the Decentralized Licence, he initiates partnerships to create labs that will soon be experimenting on Pando protocol.


Daniel Shavit

Community Lead

Daniel is a governance researcher focused on the topics of protocolar governance, taxonomic classification and experimentation of DAOs, as well as open-science with the Abstract Machine project for Pando (immutable, uncensorable and self-governed journals) . Daniel has a degree in economics from Bocconi University with a thesis on the perverse monetary, economic and political effects of natural resource booms. In a previous life he worked as a payments consultant advising entities such as Atos Worldline, Paypal, Mastercard, Unicredit and the Italian Banking Association on clearing and settlement and dispute systems.


Nolwenn Jollivet

Editorial Manager

Co-founder of Pando, Nolwenn has a first master degree in History & Criticism of arts and a second in Publishing & Creative Economy. She worked several years in cultural management, visual art galleries and various festivals as team coordinator and executive assistant. As a result, she is experienced in pro cultural worlds. Beside her coordination/organisation role, she has been a small format editor for the two passed years and writes fiction in her free time.


Xavier Seignard


Xavier is a JavaScript expert and freelance creative technologist based in Nantes, France. His main focus is on interactive experiences, be they with web technologies or electronics, often both. Obsessed with JavaScript: React, Vue.js and Node, he is an outstanding designer when it comes to electronics and always has an Arduino or a Teensy next to him to build real life interaction or setup a large scale LED system. Active member of the POW collective and founder of it's company named Drangies, his work has been presented in many exhibitions, events and live shows.


Deam Hansen


Deam has been a web developer for nearly 4 years, and is mostly self-taught through open source work. Previously he worked for a small Danish startup, Peergrade, as a Full-stack developer. He started out in the crypto space by contributing to Giveth and has been in the community for a year now. He has since contributed to projects such as, Giveth Dapp, Giveth Riot Bot, Giveth Wall of Fame, Tennagraph, That Planning Suite and Aragon UI.


Billy Rennekamp

Curve Bonding

Billy is an artist, developer and co-founder of Bin Studio, a multidisciplinary research, design and development studio based in Berlin, DE. In 2018 he received an ECF grant to continue work on Clovers.Network, a game that rewards the creation of scarce art. He’s the author of EIP-1633 (Re-Fungible Token) and active contributor to the Curation Market Community. He’s involved as a developer, researcher and community member of a number of projects including Cosmos.Network, Gnosis.io, Relevant.community, NewModels.io, Trust.support, MemeLords.com, ENSnifty.com and Doneth.org.


Thibault Boixière

Chief Redactor

Co-founder of Pando Network, Thibault has been journalist for two years, book reviewer and qualified in modern literature and publishing. Thibault is also a writer in his free time. After a moment Ph.D student in Canada where he studied literature he came back to join the Pando team. He’s interested in discourses about the end of literature and particularly the possibilities of renewal of contemporary literary field.